Can I see an example of the Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)?

Yes, we are happy to provide an example SWMS. To see an example of the format of our documents click the link below.

What happens if there are changes to the legislation?

If you have a subscription regular updates automatically happen and emails are sent out to our database of clients to keep them informed about any updates or changes to the documents. At Virtual HSEQ Management we keep you up to date

Can the document be personalized with my logo and business name?

Yes. All documents are provided in Microsoft Word Format, so you can easily input your company logo and details.

Can I make changes to my SWMS document?

Yes. All documents are provided in Microsoft Word Format, so you can easily customize to meet the requirements of your workplace

Do I need a SWMS number and why?

A SWMS number is an internal numbering system that you can apply to your SWMS to assist with filing and record keeping.

Urgent HSEQ and SWMS documentation needed. How soon can I have them?

Please phone and request immediate dispatch to have your compliance documents within 30 minutes of payment & company details sent.

When can I receive my documents?

You will have full access to your documents on our servers within 24hrs of your payment and company details sent through.

How do I receive my purchased products?

All our documents are emailed upon receipt of payment, in MS Word format, ready for you to download, save and edit as required. A download link to all your purchased products is included in your Sales Tax Invoice or click the link below to view as a PDF.

How do I receive my documents?

You will receive a link via email granting you access to your folder on our servers.  You can then download the pdf files for your records.

Will I be able to use the OHS/WHS System in my state?

Yes. With the roll out of the National Harmonization initiative your system will comply with current legislation in all States and Territories

Do these systems comply with AS4801 legislation?

Yes. The content of our OHS/WHS Management Systems has been aligned with key elements from AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001 and the Work Health and Safety Act & Regulations 2011.

I am tendering for a council/government tender. What do I need?

Subby Pak will meet the OHS/WHS requirements of the tender along with the relevant Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) to cover your scope of work.

Does your Subby Pak contain SWMS?

Yes, this is because each business performs different tasks and has different equipment. Our Subby Pak contains a blank SWMS template for your customization.

Is my Work Health and Safety Management System accredited?

The WHSE/OHSE Management Modules provide are developed to assist you with obtaining accreditation and are written to comply with:

  • Work Health and Safety Act & Regulations
  • Align with key elements from AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001

Meet the standards criteria (the criteria your business will be requires)

How do I gain accreditation for my management system?

Implement the system into your business ensuring that all elements of the system have been filled in and that relevant checklists, registers or forms are completed. Secondly contact Virtual HSEQ Management to conduct a preliminary review of the implemented system against the standards criteria. This will identify what you are doing right and what we need to improve. Virtual HSEQ Management will organize the auditing company to supply a pre-audit checklist so that you can ensure you meet the audit criteria prior to their visit.

Virtual HSEQ Management can then assist to engage an external who auditor will then at their discretion award accreditation.

What platforms can I access my system from?

Any device that has access to the internet you will be able to access your system

Do I have to purchase all elements of the system?

No. The best way to meet your needs would be to contact Virtual HSEQ Management and make an appointment for a representative to visit your business and discuss your specific requirements.

Can I purchase single modules?

Yes. If you wish to commence with single module you can. Discuss which module best suits your requirements with Virtual HSEQ Management.

If I don’t have time to customise the modules who can help?

As Business people we are all busy, our best advice is to discuss your options  with Virtual HSEQ Management including subscription to set up and maintain the system

What is the difference between JHA’s / JSEA’s / SWMS / WMS?

Nothing. All are risk assessment instruments and work well, however current legislation is written to use SWMS.  Check with your current contract requirements regarding the terminology being used

What is the intent of AS/ANZ ISO 9001?

The intent of the standard is to integrate your systems. This means integration of Health / Safety / Environment / Quality and any other system you may have to run your business

What is “CHANGE” management?

Change Management is an embedded process of risk management.  As a business you know hazards are ever present in your workplace. Sometimes initially you see them and sometimes that appear as part of the process or sometimes they are introduced by external forces. What a business needs to do is to identify and control hazard and via updating your SWMS consult with your employees using best way to mitigate to hazard via risk reduction and the best application of a control method

What are High Risk Activities

Under all state regulations High Risk Activities are listed and have been identified through a process related to risk exposure. Discuss this list with Virtual HSEQ for clarification.

What is the difference between Hazardous Substances and DG

All chemical are hazardous but under international law a group of chemical / substances have been identified as Dangerous Goods for transport and storage. Discuss these conditions with Virtual HSEQ for clarification

What are Hazardous Occupations?

Similar to High Risk Activities the same criteria applies

What does ALARP mean?

“As Low As Reasonably Practicable”  within the legislation this term specifies using a process or material that poses the lowest possible exposure or risk to people or equipment

Why is compliance so complicated?

Compliance seems complicated but is quite simple. Apply your thinking to your business to other it complicated but to you it is simple. If you need bread see a Baker

Do I need to use SMWS for every job?

No. SWMS only apply to High Risk Activities

As a sole operator do I need a full system?

No. Subby Pak is your answer

Can Virtual HSEQ help me with Tender preparation?

Yes. We know and understand the terminology and provide simple solutions

Do I need to employ a HSEQ person to remain compliant?

No. Engaging Virtual HSEQ means you have systems you manage but we maintain compliance and support

Can Virtual HSEQ represent my Business at the Tender table?

Yes. We are happy to send a representative to support our Clients at the tender table

If my business is found to be non-compliant can Virtual HSEQ support my Business

Yes. That’s what we do maintain your compliance with your subscription

If I have an unfortunate event on site who I contact

Your procedure should have a flow chart listing action to undertake in case of an emergency – If in doubt Virtual HSEQ can assist and give you directions/actions.

How do I become compliant in AS/ANZ, AS/ANZ 14000, AS/ANZ 18000, AS/ANZ 3900, AS/ANZ 3901, AS/ANZ 4800 and AS/ANZ 4801?

Virtual HSEQ can get you all the documentation you need to be accredited and certified.  Let us know your industry and we will show you which systems, procedures and documents you need.

The Subby Pak

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